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Artist Statement

I am an Alumni of Berklee College of Music Boston, MA and have been a musician (percussionist) both performing and teaching private lessons for many years. I was looking for another way to express myself in the arts and found a passion for painting.
My work developed into Geometric Abstract Art with an emphasis on creating clean straight lines. I start out by drawing and manipulating shapes and colors until I achieve the desire effect. 

Having a musical background has been my inspiration for several pieces. “Fortissimo” conveys the feeling of a very loud, exciting composition while a sense of rhythm is felt by the art work “Pulse”. I also find inspiration in modern architecture which conveys straight lines and distinct angles. It’s not only the buildings themselves but sometimes the contrast of blue sky against different building structures that are visually interesting to me.

Discovering the works of Contemporary Artist Bryce Hudson has shown me alternative ways of creating depth and dimension to my work. I look forward to developing my art and enjoying this additional path of creativity.

© 2018 by Sharon Eldridge 

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