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Artist Statement

I am an Alumni of Berklee College of Music Boston, MA and have been a musician (percussionist) both performing and teaching private lessons for many years. I was looking for another way to express myself in the arts and found a passion for painting. I am a self taught Artist. My work developed into Geometric Abstract Art with an emphasis on creating clean straight lines. I start out by drawing and manipulating shapes and colors until I achieve the desire effect. 

Having a musical background has been my inspiration for several pieces. “Fortissimo” conveys the feeling of a very loud, exciting composition while a sense of rhythm is felt by the art work “Pulse”. I also find inspiration in modern architecture which conveys straight lines and distinct angles. The contrast of a modern structure against blue sky is very striking visually to me.

Artists who I draw inspiration from are Bryce Hudson, Brent Hallard and Piet Mondrian just to name a few. I look forward to developing my art and enjoying this additional path of creativity.

© 2018 by Sharon Eldridge 

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